Breastfeeding Advocate of the Year

The PRO-LC Advocate of the Year Award

The PRO-LC Advocate of the Year Award (formerly Physician/Healthcare Provider of the Year) the highest honor given by our organization, is awarded annually to a person or practice in recognition of “outstanding advocacy, which supports, promotes, and protects breastfeeding.” This year the membership can consider nominees for this award among all categories including a physician, another healthcare provider, such as a midwife, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or a community member who exemplifies breastfeeding advocacy and excellence in practice.

The recipients are selected by the PRO-LC Board of Directors; nominations are sought from the general PRO-LC membership. Criteria considered, when determining who should receive this distinction, include:

  • Is the provider knowledgeable about current breastfeeding management practices?
  • Does the provider make appropriate referrals (to IBCLCs or a support group) for lactation issues?
  • Is the provider receptive to information and research provided by IBCLCs?
  • Does the provider promote breastfeeding among his/her colleagues (through lectures, grand rounds, or in other ways)?
  • Do mothers report that their provider is supportive of their breastfeeding goals?
  • Does the office setting (posters, freebies, magazines) promote breastfeeding – and support the WHO Code [regarding ethical marketing of breastmilk substitutes]?

The Advocate of the Year addresses PRO-LC at its member meeting in January, when the recipients receive

  • a framed certificate memorializing the award
  • a lifetime membership in PRO-LC
  • one year membership in ILCA (International Lactation Consultant Association) and the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
  • a copy of the current edition of Hale’s Medications and Mother’s Milk, and a copy of the Philadelphia Breastfeeding Resource Handbook (a.k.a. “The Pink Book”).


Advocate of the Year, nominations are now open!

When thinking of the person you want to nominate,

please use this Nomination Form

Former recipients:

Karen Sponagle, Clinical Manager of MCH, April Sheriff-Munoz, RN, CLC, Tina Moyer-Fuchs, NNP, Health Care Practitioner of the Year, Cindy Griffis, President of PRO-LC

Cindy Griffis, PRO-LC President, Dr. Jodi Zisk, DO, Karen Meade, IBCLC, Alison Neuhaus, IBCLC both from Einstein Montgomery.

Recipients of the PRO-LC Health Practitioner of the Year include:


2015 Tina Moyer-Fuchs, NNP from Penn State Health, St. Joseph and Dr. Jodi Zisk, DO(View Press Release)   
2014 Ruth Wilf, CNM

Recipients of the PRO-LC Physician of the Year include:

2015 Jodi Fisk, DO (View Press Release)
2014 Drs. Berger and Fisher
2012 Curt Parnes, MD (View Press Release)
2011 Mary Kline, MD
2010 Kelly Wade (View Press Release)
2009 Esther Chung, MD (View Press Release)
2008 Gail Herrine, MD (View Press Release)
2007 Colleen Gulczynski, DO
2006 Delaware Valley Women’s Care [award given to entire practice]
Richard Gersh, MD
Rebecca Gould, MD
Elizabeth Louka, MD
2005 David Banner, MD
2004 Vinod K. Bhutani, MD, FAAP
2003 Deborah A. Sandrock, MD (View Press Release)
2002 Jeanette Pleasure, MD (View Press Release)
2001 Einstein Neighborhood Healthcare [award given to entire practice]
Freyda Neyman, MD
Kathryn Limmer, MD (View Press Release)
2000 Juliet Marciano, MD (View Press Release)
1999 Brad Dyer, MD (View Press Release)
1998 Society Hill Pediatrics, P.C.[award given to entire practice]
Janet Crino, MD
Shea Conley, MD
Cynthia Hill, MD
M. Bidi McSorley MD
Elizabeth L. Robbins, MD
Beverly Viscusi, CRNP
1997 Kids First, Coatesville [award given to entire practice]
Bruce Tilton, MD
Joan Magee, MD
1996 Penny Soppas, MD [received IBCLC certification 2002]
1995 John Ickler, MD [deceased 2000]
1994 English Willis, MD
1993 Joan Adler, MD

If you are a PRO-LC member who knows a physician or practice worthy of the distinguished PRO-LC Breastfeeding Advocate of the Year Award, nominations are accepted year-round. Please use the following form to submit your nomination to the PRO-LC Board of Directors.

Nomination Form