Pennsylvania Resource Organization for Lactation Consultants PRO-LC

PRO-LC began on March 17, 1986 when a meeting was held in West Chester, PA to organize a local chapter of ILCA (International Lactation Consultant Association). This was to be one of the very first local affiliates. They decided their name should be ILCA- Eastern Pennsylvania. The goals of this local chapter were to provide continuing education for members, networking, public relations (defining what an LC is and does) and support for ILCA. Lactation consultants and people interested in supporting breastfeeding came from New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania to attend meetings. Over time we have seen our profession and our professional organization grow. Other affiliates have formed and lactation consultants have become recognized by the public and respected as members of the health care team. Now, this local chapter’s name has changed to Pennsylvania Resource Organization for Lactation Consultants (PRO-LC) and members from other states and regions have left to form their own affiliate chapters but the goals are remarkably the same.Our Mission…The purposes and objectives of this chapter are

1. To protect, promote and support breastfeeding;
2. To serve as a continuing education resource to further the professional growth of lactation consultants, by sharing knowledge gained through research and personal experience;
3. To enhance the reputation, image and credibility of lactation consultants and ILCA in a responsible and professional manner;
4. To support the world-wide implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, as interpreted by the World Health Assembly.