Spring Meeting

Susan Howard: Strategies for Supporting the Bottle Refusing Baby

May 24, 2023 - 11am - 2pm

Meeting Location: 4601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19319

This meeting will be held in person WITH Susan Howard only if 30 people are registered by May 5, 2023. If the attendance requirement is not met, the entire meeting will be held over ZOOM.

Register here!

CERP's were NOT approved by IBLCE. PRO-LC will be offering another continuing education opportunity through USLCA - TBD.




Journal Club is Resuming!

Every other month on a Wednesday at 7pm, membership will meet via Zoom or in-person to discuss a scholarly lactation-related article.

Our first Journal Club will be at 7pm on January 18th , 2023.

We will discuss the new Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Mastitis Protocol. Please read prior to meeting and come prepared to discuss.

Details to follow.







Winter Meeting

Thursday, February 23rd , 2023 at 7pm

Case Studies: Presented by Members

Zoom link coming soon.

This meeting will include free CERPS with completion of the post presentation eval. 

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PROLC Mission Statement & Vision:

To protect, promote and support lactation and human milk feeding for the health of all families in southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

To become an equitable and inclusive member-driven association providing educational opportunities for the professional development and advancement of all lactation care providers.

To advocate for lactation care providers by sharing resources, networking, and facilitating connections among members.

To connect with other groups and organizations that have the shared goal of improving the health of lactating and human milk feeding families in southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

To affirm our support of the world-wide implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. (The Code focuses on regulation of aggressive marketing practices of formula, baby bottles & nipples that can prevent families from reaching their infant feeding goals.)