PRO-LC VIRTUAL Spring Meeting

Thursday, May 20th from 8-10pm

The role of human milk in establishment of the infant microbiome

Presented by Maureen Groer, Distinguished University Professor, University of South Florida College of Nursing
Describe the succession of the infant microbiome from birth to childhood
Define dysbiosis and list factors that can influence dysbiosis
Describe how human milk acts as an anti-inflammatory pioneer colonizer of the early gut
Explain how human milk acts as both a prebiotic and a probiotic
Discuss interventions to promote the milk-gut axis
The meeting has been approved for 2 CERPs! Speaking of CERPs, did you know that serving on the PRO-LC Board provides 2 L-CERPs for each year of service?
** The meeting will go live at 7:45 on zoom to open the floor for any nominations for board elections. Voting details / instructions will follow**

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